Department of Computer Science Engineering

      The Department has a high configuration computer laboratory equipped with Internet facility of 100 Mbps leased line with Wi-Fi facilities and Latest software have been purchased and installed in all the lab systems to enable the students to train themselves during the lab sessions.

The lab session will be a great opportunity for the students with experience hands on training in modern computerized world -in the field of all languages, Hardware & Multimedia Systems. We are conducting the online test and seminars for all language papers in all semesters and also we are having the facilities for e-learning and Video Conferencing classes. Prepare students to showcase effective contribution in Career, Communication and Teamwork skills and professional and ethical attitude benefiting society.

The Department having the dedicated effective learning and experienced Faculties to encourage the excellence of the students in the field of Computer Engineering. Our Teaching Methodology offered to the students has been designed to offer distinct aspects of intellectual growth and development to face the challenging needs in the IT industry.


To qualify in the field of Computer Engineering through high quality technical education and empower the professionals to serve better to the society.


To create innovative technologies in the field of Computer Engineering for building the nation with modern tools and technologies

To expose our students to a curriculum consisting of inventive technologies by promoting the skill of continuous learning of emerging new technologies.

To inculcate the innovative ideas in students and to build them with social responsibilities and ethical values.