SAPTC Library


  1. To Stimulate The Reading Habit To The Students.

  2. To Increase The Number Of Readers.

  3. To Satisfy The Readers To Fulfill Their Needs.

  4. To Increase The Volume Of Books To Fulfill Their Needs.

  5. To Help The Visiters To Easily Access The Book.


Our library has a separate building area (30m x 8.90m) and also we have a separate rack section for each and every books .we have provided enough facility for reading purpose in a peacefull mind.

1.Reference section

  1. Current Journals

  2. Reference Books

  3. News Papers

  4. Magazines

  5. Text Books

  6. CDs

  7. Dictionary

2 .Lending Section (engineering books)

  1. Mechanical Books

  2. Electrical Books

  3. Electronics

  4. Civil

  5. Computer

3.Lending Section (non-engineering book)

  1. Language Books

  2. General Knowledge Book

  3. SC/ST Books

  4. Gen-Engineering Books


  1. The library users should possess their ID card while they are entering into the library.

  2. Students/staff should enter their details in the library gate register before entering inside the library.

  3. Books will be issued only by referring of barcode ID cards.

  4. Use of mobile phones is not allowed inside the library.

  5. Complete silence is to be maintained inside the library.

  6. The books taken from the library are to be returned within 15 days on or before the date specified on the due date slip pasted in the front page of the books.

  7. While barrowing the book the member must make sure that the book is in good condition and the page numbers are intact.

  8. If a book is not returned on the particular due date fine will be collected from the members (per day 1 rupee) based on the days that they have delayed to return the book.

  9. Some books are not allowed to take outside from the library. such as ( reference books, journals , magazine and news paper).

  10. The barrowers will be responsible for library documents barrowed. If any damage/missing of books minimum fine amount will be collected from them to replace the book.

  11. Student should always keep in their mind that library resources are the nations asserts. So that ,we should try to keep the book safe and avoid the unwanted activities against the library and library properties.